*I continue to add FAQ updates as I field questions. If you have anything new, please ask.
**View the AUTHOR VISIT PACKET, which is sent out to schools once they are scheduled.

• FREE for 1 to 4 presentations/assemblies in a day within two hours of Yorkville, IL. Please try to schedule presentations as close together as possible, especially for 2 or 3.
• Travel expenses beyond two hours. Email me with your location and number of presentations for specifics. (If you received a postcard from me, no fee is required.)

There’s no catch; I simply love doing school visits! As a kid, my elementary school was unable to bring in authors, so I try to keep that in mind. As long as I’m able to send home book order forms, I should be able to keep my fee at zero in my region.
If you do have a budget in place for author visits, you could buy some of my books for your students or feel free to use it to bring in another author during the school year.
My main goal and passion is to support literacy and creativity.

 1 to 4 presentations in a day for free regional visits.
• The visual nature of my presentation makes it work for small or large groups. I’m open to anything from one grade level at a time to a whole school assembly.
Available for curriculum/family night events.
Available for no fee Web/ Skype visits in the US and beyond.

Once scheduled, I send 1 complimentary set of paperbacks (yay, free books!) a month or two before the presentation so that the librarians/teachers may familiarize students with my work. I’ve found this approach beneficial for developing excitement for presentations.

  My picture books are for the preK – 2nd grade age group, so typically my presentations center around those ages. However, the information is relevant to creative writing for olders, and I have presented to all levels of elementary and middle school.

  Schools/libraries typically provide a computer, projector, and screen. I usually bring a flash drive (helps avoid compatibility issues, but if I need to bring a laptop, just let me know).

 Flexible, but 40-45 minutes with questions is typical.

– I bring signed books the day of the presentation (no need to order through a distributor or anything).
– I email a book pre-order form to be copied and passed out to students a week or two prior to my arrival.
– The teacher/librarian collects the pre-order forms and money the day before or day of my visit.
– Discounted hardcovers are available through Ingram Book Company (and most school/ library distribution channels). Regular priced hardcovers available at
*Only SNOWMAN VS. YOU currently available in hardcover. The other titles may happen in the future. 
– For a few paperback copies prior to or after the visit, Amazon ordering is the easiest. I’ll also have extra copies for purchase the day of the visit.
– For bulk paperback copies, please contact me directly for discount and arrangements.

Email me with any dates that you have in mind along with the number of presentations you are considering.

Michael Wayne

Happy to provide if desired.