*I continue to add FAQ updates as I field questions. If you have anything new, please ask.



Email me with any dates that you have in mind along with the number of presentations you are considering. I visited about 45 schools in the 2018-2019 school year and hope to do the same this year.

2020- Jan.-May several dates still open.


Michael Wayne


• FREE for 1 to 4 presentations/assemblies in a day within two hours of Yorkville, IL. Please try to schedule presentations together in the a.m. or p.m. if possible.

• Travel expenses beyond two hours. Email me with your location and number of presentations for specifics. (If you received a postcard from me, no fee is required.)



– I bring signed books the day of the presentation (no need to order through a distributor or anything).

– The book pre-order form (in the Author Visit Packet) is copied and passed out to students two weeks or so prior to my arrival.

– The teacher/librarian collects the pre-order forms and money prior to my visit.

– I sign students’ names in the books during a break, and teachers distribute books at the end of that, or the next, school day. Here’s a blank Signing List doc that may be helpful, especially if emailing to me prior to my visit.


-Some schools purchase books to give to students, but it isn’t required.
(I will be happy to supply a W-9 if needed.)

-Discounts off $7.95 retail for 25 books or more:
  10%, 25 books, $7.15 each ($178)
  15%, 50 books, $6.75 each ($337)
  25%, 100 books, $5.96 each ($596)
  35%, 300 books, $5.16 each ($1548)

-Hardcovers are available through Ingram Book Company (and most school/ library distribution channels). Regular priced hardcovers available at

*Only SNOWMAN VS. YOU currently available in hardcover. The other titles may happen in the future. 

– For a few paperback copies prior to or after the visit, Amazon ordering is the easiest. I’ll also have extra copies for purchase the day of the visit.


Once scheduled, I send 1 complimentary paperback set (yay, free books!)  so that the librarians/teachers may familiarize students with my work. I’ve found this approach beneficial for developing excitement for presentations.


 1 to 4 presentations in a day for free regional visits. Please try to schedule presentations together in the a.m.(8-11:30am) or p.m.(12:30-4pm) if possible, as I often see two schools in a day. If your school has a large population, I understand a.m. and p.m. times may be necessary.

• The visual nature of my presentation makes it work for small or large groups. I’m open to anything from one grade level at a time to a whole school assembly.

Available for no fee Web/ Skype visits in the US and beyond.

Not currently scheduling evening events.


  My picture books are for the preK – 2nd grade age group, so typically my presentations center around those ages. However, the information is relevant to creative writing for olders, and I have presented to all levels of elementary and middle school.


  Schools/libraries typically provide a computer, projector, and screen. I bring a flash drive (helps avoid compatibility issues, but if I need to bring a laptop, just let me know). Please provide a microphone for large groups, especially in a gym.


 Flexible, but 35 minutes for Pre-K and 45 minutes for 1st-6th is typical. 10-15 minutes between sessions if possible.


Happy to provide if desired.