Need a good laugh? Or a heap of silliness?
     Well, here you go.
     Twenty-five easy to read short stories and illustrated comedy bits for kids who like to smile.
     And chuckle.
     And laugh.
     This book has a little of everything. A silly pirate. A clever dog. A confused robot. A mixed-up duckling. A not-so-brave knight. The list of fun and funny characters goes on.
     So, what are you waiting for?
     Order this masterpiece now.
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(signed by Michael only)

CAUTION: It is not a good idea to drink fruit punch while reading this book. Unless snorting fruit punch out of your nose is your super power. In that case, fruit punch is encouraged.

CAUTION 2: You know what. Even if snorting fruit punch out of your nose is your super power, it is probably a bad idea to do that near this book. The pages are not waterproof or fruit punch proof. Try to avoid super villains during your reading time.

     Snowman is a snowball-dodging expert.
     There’s no way the reader will hit him with an imaginary snowball.
     Wow, the reader is better than Snowman expected. 
     He’ll have to try his best, ninja tricks.
     Boof! Boof! Boof!
     How is the reader hitting him? Snowman’s frustrations flare. 
     He’s had enough.
     It’s time for a SNOWBALL FIGHT!


     Snowman thought this book was about ninjas.
     He does not want to read about shapes, colors, numbers, and letters.
     When the author promises to make him a star, Snowman changes his mind, and a whole heap of fun—and learning—begins.



     It is a dark and spooky night, but Snowman isn’t afraid of anything.
     Go ahead, Reader. Try to scare him.
     Wow, you make the best scary faces.
     Now it’s Snowman’s turn to scare you.
     Brace yourself, because spooky fun lurks on every page.



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