school author visit
author visit

Invite Michael to your school for a fun and educational author visit. His visual and interactive presentations garner high-praise from students and educators.

Michael sneaks students behind the scenes, allowing them to witness:
  •    the Six Traits applied by a professional writer,
  •    the writing process,
  •    illustration development,
  •    the publication process,
  •    and many other aspects of book-making, including FUN!
Michael is a certified elementary and middle school teacher with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing for Children. He has several years of classroom and outreach teaching experience.


Michael Wayne: michaelwaynebooks at gmail dot com

“You were awesome with our little ones!
I was amazed how you captivated their attention!”
Ms. S., Teacher

The kids loved your presentation.
Several teachers commented on how great you did and how good you were with the kids. You have been one of the best authors that has visited our school!  

Mrs. D., Teacher

“I especially liked the part about how many times you had to rewrite and revise your story. Thanks for sharing about how hard you worked to get the book ready to publish.”
Mrs. R., Teacher

“It was such an inspiration to our kids to meet a real author. Your presentation was great—its not easy to keep whole grade levels engaged!”
Tera B., Teacher

“You were awesome with our little ones!! I was amazed how you captivated their attention!”
Sue S., Teacher

“I thought your presentation was really neat. I thought it was funny what you did with your computer. I also thought your book was amazing! I had a great time. I never would have guessed that you wrote the book so many times before you published it.
You write awesome books!”

Mallory, 3rd grade Student

“Thank you for coming to our school! It was fun! I had a good time.”
Journey, 1st grade Student

“The funny pictures you had with the boy and the lion have got me thinking about taking pictures and making them look funny, and then maybe writing a story.”
Jacob, 5th grade Student




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